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The Writing Lesson Series

⭐️ 4.9 average review
Ages 3 - 8

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The Writing Lesson Series is an intuitive approach to teaching children to write. The line is based on the premise that learning to write while learning to read is essential. The child’s brain forms a better memory of the word when learning to read is followed by handwriting. The program includes printable worksheets for multiple handwriting styles depending on age and includes writing lessons for very young children (The ABC Writing Lesson) as well as more comprehensive writing practice for older children (Teach Me Handwriting).

Available in print and eBook formats.

Big Words for Little Kids

Ages 8 - 14

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Big Words for Little Kids is a program designed to introduce elementary school children to common Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and roots. This vocabulary primer promotes the understanding of word structure and meaning rather than the tedious memorization of long word lists. Each lesson introduces a new word part, featuring examples of new words with explanations that children can understand. Light informative vignettes, quizzes, and practical exercises support each lesson. The combination of generative vocabulary building technique with developmentally appropriate and gradually progressing sets of words makes the Big Words for Little Kids program an ideal teaching tool for young readers.

Available in print and eBook formats.

The   Verbal Math Series

Ages 8 - 14

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Everyone thinks kids hate math. But the truth is, kids don’t hate math—they hate worksheets! Writing down equations takes fine motor skills that young children haven't yet developed, making the process of learning math difficult and tedious. Math done mentally, or verbal math, makes math fun. Children see math problems as a game and a challenge. In the second edition of this pioneering educational bestseller, handwriting is removed from math problems to help children cement fundamental mathematical skills so that they may solve problems without having to do any writing at all. Developed as a supplement to traditional math education, the lesson is completely comprehensive, step-by-step, and leaves no area undone.

Available in print and eBook formats.

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