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How it Works

Our Promise: 

Teach your child to read in 20 easy lessons.

Discovery Education Award Winner for Best Reading Program

Amazon Bestseller Award for Reading Resources

The Reading Lesson is reading program for young children (between ages 3 and 7) that uses a combination of phonics and key word recognition to help parents teach their children to read in a way that’s painless and easy.


The book is broken up into 20 lessons, each using special typography and fonts to effectively teach children to sound out words and recognize their meanings. There are a few other books that are designed to teach children to read, but only the Reading Lesson offers a simple step-by-step approach for parents of preschoolers who want to teach their children to read at home.


The Reading Lesson is well-loved by families and educators around the world for its simplicity, ease, and effectiveness. It only takes about 15 minutes of practice a day to get your child from no reading skills to a second grade level once he or she finishes the book.


The Reading Lesson was written by Charan Langton and Michael Levin, M.D. Dr. Levin is a child psychiatrist who used his years of experience in pediatrics to develop a program that teaches children to read in an effective way. Dr. Levin incorporated his knowledge of child brain development and learning to create the Reading Lesson, and tested it on hundreds of children in his practice. Charan Langton is an engineer and MBA who helped develop and create the content for the book. 

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Our Good Family

"I am really impressed with how the lessons are laid out. The language is simple and easy to understand AND explain to your child. For me, it was helpful to read through the entire Reading Lesson Book first so I knew what was coming after each lesson.”

The method used in the book is sound and proven. The program is easy to understand and implement in your daily homeschool. The program is not colorful or distracting. The words are clear on the page and easy to focus on for young children."

The Activity Mom Blog

What I love about The Reading Lesson:


     - It is easy for parents to understand and implement.


     - The step by step program makes it predictable for young readers or struggling readers which      

     helps them to feel successful.


      - There are no rules about how fast to go or how many pages to cover. You move ahead when

     your child is ready (all of those guidelines are included in the book).


     - The lessons are short and direct” 

Here We Are Together Blog

"This book is the best reading program I have ever come across. We have looked at so many different ways to teach reading to little ones and I have never come across such an intuitive and fun approach before.” 

“We’ve looked at and tried many different reading programs that just never seemed to work for our boys. This one, by far, has been the easiest and best one we’ve ever used.”

“I like The Reading Lesson book because it walks you through teaching your kids the letter sounds and how to make them into words. I’ve tried a book very similar to this one but this one is actually made for the kids to sit with you and try to read. I mean the other one was too, but what I love about The Reading lesson is the size of the words and the pictures.” 

Our Village is a Little Different Blog

"The Reading Lesson is a very easy method that has had a lot of success. It takes a couple of weeks to complete a lesson, but after 20 lessons, children will be able to sound out their words, develop reading confidence, and even enjoy reading!” 

Hall of Fame Moms Blog

I am so happy with where The Reading Lesson has taken Kylie in her journey to reading, we are both very excited to keep on working through the lessons!”

Lollipops and Ladybugs Blog

"I am so impressed with this program. As I said in the beginning there was a lot of frustration with trying to teach her to read. This is an A+ Program and I highly recommend it."

Next Gen Homeschool Blog

"I’m happy to report that The Reading Lesson delivered results for us! Not only were we able to get past the first few lessons without tears and complaints, we reached that “lightbulb” moment when my daughter began to understand HOW to read — not just memorize — and could sound out words on her own in any environment."

Homeschool Circus Blog

“Compared to other similar phonics programs on the market that we've have experienced, I really like the layout, ease, and its' concentration with only reading (decoding) while going through each lesson. ” 

5 Minutes for Mom Blog

“I believe The Reading Lesson would be a great program to use for homeschooling. It would also be great to use for those parents who have a young children showing an interest in learning to read but aren’t sure where to start.” 

The Better Mom Blog

"Just when you feel like it is never going to work, it seems as if the skies open up and your child is a reading machine! I spent the last few months going through The Reading Lesson with my son Noah, and we love it! It is very simple to follow, not too overwhelming, and it works!” 

The Natural Homeschool Blog

"You might be surprised that I am using it with my 3.5-year old daughter, but she really is ready and, even if we take a slower pace, she is loving it and I am seeing results."


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