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Freebies and Printables!

Word Book

These special words are called “Dolch” words, and are difficult to sound out and recognize. If your child can read all these words, he or she is a real reader!

Lessons 1, 2, and 3

Wondering what a lesson in the Reading Lesson is like? Print out the first 3 lessons of the book to see if you like it!

The Writing  Lesson Demo


Print out some practice pages from The Writing Lesson. These worksheets are a wonderful way to introduce your child to writing basic letters and words.

Giggle Bunny's Coloring Book


This adorable coloring book is sure to keep you child interested for hours. It includes lots of fun illustrations of the Reading Lesson’s Mascot, the Giggle Bunny.

Progress Chart


Getting started on the book? Download the Reading Lesson Progress Chart to see how far you've gotten!



Already started the book? Here are some certificates for your little reader to be proud of after each segment.

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