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The Mental Math Lesson - Book 2 (eBook)

124 pages, black and white


Best for children between 5-8

Everyone thinks kids hate math. But the truth is, kids don’t hate math—they hate worksheets! Writing down equations takes fine motor skills that young children haven't yet developed, making the process of learning math difficult and tedious. Math done mentally, or verbal math, makes math fun. Children see math problems as a game and a challenge. In the second edition of this pioneering educational bestseller, handwriting is removed from math problems to help children cement fundamental mathematical skills so that they may solve problems without having to do any writing at all. Developed as a supplement to traditional math education, the lesson is completely comprehensive, step-by-step, and leaves no area undone.

In this book, the second in the Verbal Math series, we teach addition and subtraction up to one hundred and introduce basic multiplication and division. Each lesson starts with a new concept and exercises. The word problems prepare for the practical application of the new concepts.

If your child can already do basic one-digit addition, they're ready for this book!

The Verbal Math Book 2 (eBook)

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