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- Soft plush Giggle Bunny toy (14" tall)

- Children's tee shirt with Giggle Bunny (one size fits all - best for children between 3 and 7)

- Giggle Bunny stickers

- Personlized Reading Lesson certificate of completion (with your child's name!)


Getting started with the Reading Lesson and want to have something to celebrate? The Little Reader pack is a great way to spark a love of reading right from the start. The Giggle Bunny is the Reading Lesson's mascot - you'll see him throughout the book teaching your child the sounds of letters and on every activity page. The soft toy makes a great companion for your daily lessons and helps them feel engaged in the learning. This makes a great add on to the Reading Lesson and makes reading even more fun!


We also suggest putting a Giggle Bunny sticker on the page of every completed lesson. This gives children a feeling of accomplishment and helps them look forward to the next one!

The Little Reader Accessory Pack

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